About Us

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Our team at Kenosha Carpet Cleaning are the leading carpet cleaners in Wisconsin for good reason! We started out as a small group and started to grow rapidly with the word of our detailed services being spread through our community. As our reputation began to grow, we started to extend our list of services, making sure that all residents of our community were able to access superior cleaning when they needed it the most. Our clients love having confidence in using our team, who have now become the most recommended cleaners within our community. From working in the industry for many years, we have been able to refine our processes to give our clients a quick and thorough clean that leaves our client’s homes sparkling.

We are in the cleaning business because we are passionate about hygiene, which makes us good at what we do. We want to share our skills with the residents of Wisconsin so that they can benefit from our expertise and understanding of cleanliness. We are right, bubbly, and fun, getting satisfaction from every surface we transform for our clients. By constantly striving to exceed our client’s expectations, we keep ourselves providing the best possible cleaning. We are known to have a standard of cleanliness which is unmatched within the area, which is why so many of our clients have been raving about our business. If you want to ensure the health and hygiene of your property, come and speak to our team.

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