Rug Cleaning

professional rug cleaning service

Because of the placement of feature rugs, it’s quite common that they get much dirtier than most areas of your carpet. Whether placed on floorboards, tiles or carpet, they typically take on the bulk of the foot traffic in any room. If you have a thick pile or shaggy rug, you are even more prone to a collection of things you don’t even want to imagine! Vacuuming helps a little on the surface level, but nothing can beat a professional’s deep intensive clean.


Our team at Kenosha Carpet Cleaning are experienced in cleaning a range of rugs, understanding that each of them are different in their cleaning requirements. One of the most significant factors we consider is whether the edges have been woven or glued. This step gives our team the information they need to provide the right cleaning method to ensure that your rug doesn’t get damaged. After our due diligence is completed, pre-spray is applied to loosen any particles that have started making their new life in the depths of your rug.

Stain Removal 

Once we have left the pre-soak on for a little while to break up the harsh particles, it’s time to work on the visible stains. If you know what the stains are from or if you have tried to treat them with something yourself, this is a great help for our team to understand how to remove them for you quickly and easily. Generally, we get a rug cleaning professional to help us when they are looking a little less than glamourous, however, with stain and bacteria removal, you will have a refreshed feature in your home or business.


Once the stain removers and pre-soak have done their job, the real fun starts where we get to see what has been hiding in your rug. We do this with a similar procedure to carpet cleaning, with extra attention given to the edging and fringes if there are any. The pile and composition of the rug is taken into consideration, as some materials require hot water. In contrast, others work better with cold water depending on the dye, which is also very important for stains. Sometimes, hot water can lock in a stain, setting it into the fibers.

After Care 

After finishing the deep cleaning of your rug, it will be wet for a little while. You should avoid walking over it until it dries to prevent getting it dirty immediately. Still, also so you don’t slip when walking onto tiles or floorboards. To keep your carpets protected from future stains, we always recommend the use of a coating of scotch guard. This acts as a protective layer against stains, allowing you to clean them yourself without needing to call us each time a stain occurs. Although a scotch guard is not an impenetrable force, it certainly helps to stop stains absorbing instantly

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