How Scheduling Your Cleaning Routine Can Save You Money and Time

commercial cleaning kenosha wi

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your cleaning duties? Or are you tired of feeling like you’re never going to get it all done? Here’s why scheduled cleaning might be the best idea for you! When you’re a commercial property manager, there’s always more work than time to do it. To make sure your commercial…

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Tips To Remove Odor From Carpet

If your home has clean carpeting, it will perform better, look better, and even provide a healthier environment for your family. Another benefit of clean carpet is that it rarely smells like dirty carpet; with deodorizers and other scented cleaning products, clean carpet usually smells quite fresh.   It is possible to remove odors from…

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How to Clean Chocolate from Carpet

clean chocolate candy from carpet

Halloween is here, bringing ghosts, ghouls, goblins, creepy critters, and, of course, tons and tons of candy. Chocolate candy is one of the most popular treats handed out during the Halloween season, and with trick or treating in full swing in Kenosha, you will surely find some in your home, especially if you have children.f…

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When Should You Clean Your … ?

It’s easier to know when to clean some household items than others. I’ll bet you know to clean your bowl and spoon after eating ice cream or to clean your socks and t-shirt after your morning run to shed those ice cream calories, right? Some things aren’t quite as obvious. Like, how often should you clean…

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Using Vinegar for Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning solution we recommend more often than any other can’t be found in the cleaning aisle of your local store. It’s not bleach or a white, powdery substance and its bottle doesn’t contain a spray nozzle (although maybe it should!). And, even better, it’s much cheaper than all of those products too That’s…

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How to Remove Cat Litter from Carpet

cat and dog

Is there much debate as to whether cats or dogs are the dirtier pets? Dogs go outside often and bring dirt, grass and other outdoor contaminants in your home. Dogs also are bigger and shed more hair and it is much easier to train a cat to use a litter box than to train a…

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Should You Buy Carpet Protector?

coffee mug spill on carpet

Whether you have bought new carpet before or had your carpet professionally cleaned, odds are you have been offered carpet protector, Scotchgard or stain defender from the salesman or technician. In some instances, carpet protectors and stain treatments are applied in the factory during production, however, it’s important to note that protectants do dissolve over…

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