When Should You Clean Your … ?

It’s easier to know when to clean some household items than others.

I’ll bet you know to clean your bowl and spoon after eating ice cream or to clean your socks and t-shirt after your morning run to shed those ice cream calories, right?

Some things aren’t quite as obvious. Like, how often should you clean your coffee maker or your bed sheets? Some things are dirty even when they don’t look or smell dirty:

Coffee Maker

How often should you clean your coffee maker? Once a month.

Coffee pots get forgotten because we don’t drink directly from them. To clean a coffee pot and coffee maker, simply insert a filter as you would when making coffee, then use a solution of half vinegar and half water in the reservoir.

Once the filter is in place and you’ve poured in the solution, run the coffee maker just as you would to make coffee. Once finished, repeat the process again using just plain water so you remove the vinegar smell from the coffee maker.

You can then clean the pot and the plastic reservoir in your dishwasher if you want to go the extra mile.

Bed Sheets

How often should you wash your sheets? Once a week.

Bed sheets don’t ever look dirty since you don’t eat food in them and probably aren’t sweating on them much either, but they’re definitely dirty. Good thing is they’re easy to clean. Just like your clothes, toss your sheets into your washer and drier and you’re all set.

Vacuum Cleaner

How often should you clean your vacuum cleaner? Before or after each use.

Things that clean things need cleaning too!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need to clean your vacuum cleaner, but for optimal results, you will want to wipe off the brushes and check your vacuum bag. If it’s half full, you should empty the bag. Don’t wait until it is full or overflowing.


How often should you clean your chimney? Once a year, minimum.

If your home has a fireplace and chimney, you will want to have it cleaned and inspected by a professional service at least once a year. Regular chimney cleaning will help prevent a chimney fire and any other danger associated with a blocked chimney flute.


How often should you clean your carpets? Once every 9-12 months.

Just because there aren’t any stains on your carpet or muddy footprints doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Carpets accumulate dirt every day that lives deep within the fibers and is unseen to the human eye. This dirt will eventually wear out the fibers and reduce the quality and beauty of the carpet if it isn’t removed.

To remove deep, embedded dirt from your carpet, you will want to call a Kenosha carpet cleaner once every 9-12 months in order to ensure your carpet maintains its quality over its lifetime.

For best results, we recommend Kenosha Carpet Cleaning.

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