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How to Remove Cat Litter from Carpet

Is there much debate as to whether cats or dogs are the dirtier pets? Dogs go outside often and bring dirt, grass and other outdoor contaminants in your home. Dogs also are bigger and shed more hair and it is much easier to train a cat to use a litter box than to train a dog to go outside.

There’s a lot to love about dogs, but hands down, cats are the cleaner pets. However … that doesn’t mean that cats are always clean.

For the most part, cats are well trained to use a litter box for going to the bathroom and the litter box contains the waste rather well. But, there is still the potential for cat litter to clump to a cats paw and then be tracked onto your carpet throughout your home.

Cleaning Cat Litter

If cat litter gets in your carpet, you will want to remove it immediately as it is likely saturated in cat urine and could cause the odor to emanate throughout your home.

First, to remove cat litter from carpet, you will want to vacuum over the cat litter six or seven times at least. Before vacuuming, be sure that the vacuum bag isn’t full and that your brushes are clean so that the vacuum suctions properly and doesn’t just spread the cat litter around.

Vacuuming should remove a lot of the cat litter on the carpet, but it probably won’t remove cat litter embedded deeper within the carpet, which is more harmful. As mentioned, cat litter could be saturated in urine and not only does urine have a potent odor but it is also corrosive if left unattended.

To remove the embedded, ground-in cat litter from carpet, apply a mixture of warm water and vinegar with a plain cloth over the areas of the carpet that you vacuumed. Then let the vinegar cleaning solution sit in the carpet for about 10 minutes or so.

After the 10 minutes is up, you should dry the area using another plain white cloth or towel. Once complete, your carpet will probably still have the scent of vinegar in it, so wait an hour or two later and once the vinegar smell has subsided see if you still smell cat urine. If not, odds are you successfully removed all of the cat litter and urine from the carpet.

Expert Carpet Cleaners

If the smell of cat urine persists, you should call a professional Kenosha carpet cleaner to remove the odor. Pet urine left in carpet can deteriorate the carpet fibers, pad and even floorboards depending how much is in the carpet.

Also, if the smell of cat urine remains in the carpet, there is the chance that your cat will smell it and feel comfortable to urinate in that area.

Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington offers drier, cleaner, healthier carpet cleaning and specializes in pet urine odor removal with their innovative PURT cleaning process.

PURT has been proven to successfully remove pet urine from carpet and carpet fibers to restore your carpet’s beauty and maintain its quality without the smell of pet urine.

Just like any other carpet stain, cat litter in your carpet should be tended to immediately in order that no permanent damage occurs.

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