How to Remove Cat Litter From Carpet

cat litter on carpetIs there much debate as to whether cats or dogs are the dirtier pets? Dogs go outside often and bring dirt, grass and other outdoor contaminants in your home. Dogs also are bigger and shed more hair and it is much easier to train a cat to use a litter box than to train a dog to go outside.

There’s a lot to love about dogs, but hands down, cats are the cleaner pets. However … that doesn’t mean that cats are always clean.

For the most part, cats are well trained to use a litter box for going to the bathroom and the litter box contains the waste rather well. But, there is still the potential for cat litter to clump to a cats paw and then be tracked onto your carpet throughout your home. Continue reading

The Truth About Carpet Steam Cleaners

chemdry vs steam cleanersThere are many options for carpet cleaning in Kenosha, including steam cleaning.

It’s something that someone can do on their own at home by renting a carpet shampooer or can pay to hire a professional steam cleaner.

Did you know that the steam cleaning process doesn’t actually involve steam at all? Instead an excessive amount of hot water and soap being poured directly into your carpet. Continue Reading