Stain Removal Guide

carpet spot removal guide

Find all of Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog’s spot removal tips and tricks in one convenient location!

Spots listed in alphabetical order:


Ouch! Remove blood stains from cuts and bruises with these carpet cleaning tips.

Cat Litter

The tips for cleaning kitty litter on carpet are, well… the pick of the litter.


Everyone’s favorite treat is no one’s favorite stain. Remove chocolate from carpet with these helpful tips.

Christmas Tree Sap

Keep the holidays happy and remove Christmas tree sap stains quickly with these carpet cleaning tips.


Brew up a couple of ideas for removing coffee stains from carpet with these cleaning tips.


Avoid a sticky situation with these tips for removing gum from carpet.


Keep grass outside and off your carpets when you use these carpet cleaning methods.

Ice Cream

Keep your cool and don’t freeze up. It’s easy to remove ice cream from carpet with these tips.

Pet Urine

Puppy accidents can be a big carpet problem. Try these tips for removing pet urine from carpet but we also recommend calling a professional carpet cleaner if the stain persists.

Red Wine

Carpet stains don’t get better with age. Remove red wine from carpet quickly with these tips.

Winter Salt

Wisconsin winters are bad enough without salt stains in your carpet. Remove snow salt with these tips.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

For more spot removal tips, visit Nature’s Way Chem-Dry online or call (262) 995-3249 to learn about their specialty services.

Nature’s Way Chem-Dry has experience in nearly every common household stain and the drier, cleaner and healthier methods that are perfect for home’s with children and pets.