Tips to Remove Odor From Carpet

fresh carpet smellThere are many benefits to clean carpet in your home. Clean carpet performs better, looks better and even provides a healthier home for you and your family.
Another benefit is that unlike dirty carpet, clean carpet typically doesn’t smell bad at all, and if you use deodorizers and other scented cleaning products, it can actually smell quite fresh.
There are several ways you can remove odor from your carpet, including harsh odors such as pet urine.

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How to Clean “Traffic Lane Gray” Stains on Carpet

carpet benefitsSpills and stains usually get the spotlight on Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog but nothing dirties a rug or carpet more than time.

After a long enough period of time, even the most durable of carpet fibers succumbs to the general wear and tear of years of use, especially the “traffic areas” throughout your home.

Traffic areas are the areas of in a home that get walked on the most. Obvious traffic areas include hallways and stairs and the areas just in front of furniture. Over time, a gray hue starts to appear in those areas due to the carpet becoming worn from the traffic.

This effect is known as “Traffic Lane Gray” and can become unsightly if left ignored.

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5 Common Questions for Kenosha Carpet Cleaners

kenosha carpet cleanerIf it’s been over a year since your last professional carpet cleaning, you will want to schedule an appointment right away.

But how do you know which carpet cleaner in Kenosha is the right one for you?

Of course you will want to consider price and availability, and perhaps there are companies that a friend or family has referred to you, but if you want to ensure you are hiring a quality carpet cleaning service, you will want to ask these five questions before booking your appointment: Continue Reading