Should You Buy Carpet Protector?

coffee carpet stainWhether you have bought new carpet before or had your carpet professionally cleaned, odds are you have been offered carpet protector, Scotchgard or stain defender from the salesman or technician.

In some instances, carpet protectors and stain treatments are applied in the factory during production, however, it’s important to note that protectants do dissolve over time.

What is carpet protector and what does it do?

There are many brands and many names, but essentially, they’re all the same concept. Carpet protectors are a liquid-based solution sprayed onto carpet to produce a soft coating above the fibers that should repel most liquids from staining the carpet.

The protector molecules bond to the carpet, but do not create hard coating or alter the texture of the fibers.

So, should you buy carpet protector for your carpet? The short answer: Yes! But “Why?” you ask. Let us explain the benefits of carpet protectors: Continue reading

Using Vinegar For Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning solution we recommend more often than any other can’t be found in the cleaning aisle of your local store.

It’s not bleach or a white, powdery substance and its bottle doesn’t contain a spray nozzle (although maybe it should!). And, even better, it’s much cheaper than all of those products too

That’s right. In our opinion, vinegar is the best way to clean carpet without chemicals or soap.

Outside of hiring a professional Kenosha carpet cleaner, vinegar removes most carpet stains better than almost any other liquid or store-bought cleaning product.

So, why is vinegar such a powerful cleaning agent? Continue reading