Carpet Cleaning Tip: Blot Spots. Don’t Scrub!

carpet stain cleanWhen it comes to keeping your carpet clean, dirt and spot prevention should be the number one focus, which can be partially achieved by implementing a “no-shoes” rule in your home as well as strategically placing door mats near the front and back door.

However, 100% prevention isn’t possible as dirt and spills are inevitable, after all, you still do have to live in your home and accidents do happen, particularly in homes with pets and children.

When a spill occurs, there is one consistent spot removal step you won’t want to forget: Blot, don’t scrub! Continue Reading

Top 10 Carpet Spring Cleaning Tips: Part 2

spring cleaning baby carpetKenosha winter weather woes are over. Spring is here! But, before you get outside and enjoy the weather, we have one question for you: Have you started spring cleaning yet?

Last week we provided the #6-10 of the Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Carpet, and today Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog is back with #1-5.

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Top 10 Carpet Spring Cleaning Tips: Part 1

floor scrubSpring has arrived! Snow and clouds will soon be replaced with grass and sunshine. But, even though we all can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather the season has to offer, there’s still some indoor spring cleaning to attend to.

Spring cleaning is a time to clear out your clutter, reorganize and spruce up your living space with warm and inviting colors and get your carpet looking beautiful again. Afterall, Wisconsin winters can really take a beating on your carpet with all the slush and snow that’s brought in.

Here are the Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Carpet from Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog: Continue Reading Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Tip: Dirt’s Not Welcome with Door Mats

welcome matIn our most recent carpet cleaning tip we recommended removing your shoes before entering your home in order to prevent dirt and grime buildup. The theme of prevention continues today with another tip that should help stop dirt at the door.

One of the best preventive measures a home or business owner can implement to protect their carpet or flooring (and guests and customers from slipping on smooth surfaces) is to strategically place door and entrance mats around all of the entryways. Continue Reading

Placing Welcome mats and door mats at the front and back doors of a home or the entrance to a business is definitely not a new concept, but the benefits should not be understated. It’s been reported on that the presence of a door mat can prevent up to 98% of the debris and dirt from outdoors from entering the main interior of your home or business.

This means that roughly only 2% of the potential dirt will reach your carpet and 2% is a much more manageable amount to maintain, clean and remove and will do much less damage to the carpet fibers. Less dirt in your carpet means more time in between necessary professional cleaning and the potential to extend the lifetime of your carpet investment. Therefore, the simple purchase of a $20 door mat could save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your carpet.

However, it doesn’t stop at just purchasing and placing the mat in front of your door. You will also want to properly care for and maintain the mat just as you would your carpet. This means routine, if not daily, vacuuming of the mat. Cleaning the mat allows it to better trap incoming dirt, toxins and contaminants and should increase the lifetime of the mat as well.

A strategy of both removing your shoes at the doorway of your home and placing mats where need be should incredibly reduce the amount of dirt entering your home.

Overtime, roughly once every 12-18 months, you will still want to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner in Kenosha in order to deep clean dirt created from dust and other materials within your home as well as the small percent that enters from the outdoors.

Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington provides green cleaning services, free of soap, harsh chemicals and other toxins to offer results unmatched in the industry. Not only will Nature’s Way Chem-Dry effectively clean your carpet, but they will be more than happy to clean any door mats or area rugs present at the time of the appointment, just be sure to ask them.

Carpet Cleaning Tip: No Shoes Inside

dirty shoesMuch of our content on Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog focuses on spot removal tips and various carpet cleaning services, green cleaning methods and expert techniques. But, for this post, instead of discussing how to clean a specific stain or contaminants from carpet, we are going to focus on how to prevent them altogether.

Today’s Tip: Lose the Shoes

Now, we’re not exactly recommending you lose your shoes entirely. In fact, unlike socks, literally losing a shoe might be somewhat difficult. Our tip is actually very easy and it just requires you and your family to remove your shoes before entering your home or any carpeted areas of your home. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Reconsider Renting Carpet Cleaning Machines

rental carpet cleaner machineRoutine vacuuming and proper cleaning techniques are critical to extending the life of and beauty of your carpet, however, at times your carpet will need a deeper clean in order to remove embedded dirt, grime, toxins and other carpet contaminants.

Does your carpet need to be deep cleaned? If so, it’s commonly understood that there are two options available: Hiring a professional carpet cleaner or renting a carpet shampooer.

Carpet rental machines are often considered to be the cost-effective choice of the two since you don’t have to pay for labor and instead can clean your carpet for yourself. However, is it really that cheap and could there be long-term costs associated with renting a carpet machine? Continue Reading Continue Reading

Common Carpet Cleaning Myths: Part 2

kenosha carpet cleanerUnfortunately, there are several inaccuracies online about carpet cleaners. In our last post, we targeted three popular myths found on the internet in order to provide the truth about how important professional carpet cleaning is to preserving the quality and beauty of the carpet in your home or business.

Today, we are at it again and ready to do some more bustin’. Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog will debunk three more myths that are prevalent across various websites, blogs and search engine results so you can be confident you are making the right choice when hiring a carpet cleaner in Kenosha. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Common Carpet Cleaning Myths: Part 1

carpet cleaner with vanBelieve it or not, not everything you read or see on the internet is true. For example, there are countless misconceptions online about the possible negative effects of carpet cleaning and the necessity to hire professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis.

Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog intends to dispel some of those untruths with further examination of the more popular carpet cleaning myths you will find online today.  Doing so should instill confidence in the industry and encourage routine professional cleaning to preserve the quality of the carpet in your home. Continue Reading Continue Reading