2016 New Year’s Carpet Cleaning Resolutions

t’s a New Year and that means it is time for New Year’s resolutions. Is this the year you stop that bad habit of yours or workout more or drink less caffeine? Maybe 2016 is the year to try a new hobby or learn a new skill? Or maybe 2016 is the year to focus on your home and your carpet.

Here are a few Carpet Cleaning New Year’s Resolutions to help maintain the quality and beauty of your carpet and protect your investment throughout 2016: Continue reading

Cleaning Innovations: The Chem-Dry Razor Floor Cleaning System

chem-dry razor imageKenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog recommends having your carpets cleaned by Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington at least once a year. Their carbonated, green-certified methods penetrate deep into carpet fibers to completely remove embedded dirt, soil and toxins for drier, cleaner and healthier carpets in your home and their process has been awarded the Carpet & Rug Institute Platinum Seal of Approval.

But, what about the other 364 days in the year? You can’t call Chem-Dry to come over and clean your floors every day. Stains happen. General dirtiness happens. That’s where the new Razor Floor Cleaning System comes in.

The Razor Floor Cleaning System is an innovative cleaning tool, similar to a mop, designed by Chem-Dry able to clean hardwood floors, tile and carpet stains as well. Simply put, it’s one of the most effective and efficient cleaning tools you can buy and a must-have for homes with multiple types of flooring. Continue Reading

Carpet Facts: All You Need to Know About Polyester Carpet

polyester carpetConsidering the cost of carpet, you want to make sure you choose the fiber that is right for the rooms in your home. In order to help you make an informed decision, we intend to provide all the facts about the carpet fibers most used for residential purposes, including olefin, nylon, wool, triexta and polyester.

There are different pros and cons of each carpet fiber. Some are cheaper than others, some offer more durability and are better for higher traffic areas or entryways whereas others are more for aesthetic purposes and should be installed in bedrooms or living rooms. Polyester is a budget-friendly carpet known for fantastic stain-resistance and bright colors. Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Tip: Test Carpet for Colorfast

test colorfast carpetJust as no two stains are the same, no two carpets are the same either. A spot removal method that worked well on your synthetic carpet likely won’t work as well on your wool carpet. And sometimes, in attempting to clean a stain, you can actually make it much worse.

For example, scrubbing instead of blotting can permanently damage the carpet and press the stain even further into the fibers.

You can also make the situation worse if the solution or cleaning product you attempt to use causes the color dyes in your carpet to bleed and spread across the stain and further out. This can cause permanent damage, but it can be avoided too. In order to be sure the dye in your carpet won’t bleed when a cleaning solution or chemical is applied, test a different area of the carpet first. Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Tip: No Shoes Inside

dirty shoesMuch of our content on Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog focuses on spot removal tips and various carpet cleaning services, green cleaning methods and expert techniques. But, for this post, instead of discussing how to clean a specific stain or contaminants from carpet, we are going to focus on how to prevent them altogether.

Today’s Tip: Lose the Shoes

Now, we’re not exactly recommending you lose your shoes entirely. In fact, unlike socks, literally losing a shoe might be somewhat difficult. Our tip is actually very easy and it just requires you and your family to remove your shoes before entering your home or any carpeted areas of your home. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Choose P.U.R.T. to Remove Pet Urine Odor From Carpet

purt pet urine odor removalPet urine in carpeting can be harmful to your carpet and create an odor that is very hard to remove.

There are basic steps you can use to attempt to remove pet urine from carpet, but often times it requires major restoration work from a professional carpet cleaner in Kenosha.

Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington offers their customers their innovative Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T .). P.U.R.T. is specially formulated to eliminate urine odors and has seen great results in Racine, Green Lake, Elkhorn, Waushara and surrounding Wisconsin cities. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

red wine spot removalWisconsin loves wine. It’s the perfect complement to a relaxing evening at home, or perhaps a dinner party or family event you are hosting.

Wine can enhance the enjoyment of a party for you and your guests, but it can also stop the fun pretty quick if you or a guest spills it anywhere on your rug or carpet.

But, it will be OK! Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog can help. Just remember these easy stain removal tips that only require items available in most homes and you can remove the red wine stain before it becomes a permanent part of your carpet. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Step-by-Step Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Carpet Stain CleanOh no! Juice or soda spill? Did your toddler create their latest crayon masterpiece on your living room floor? Doggy didn’t make it out to the backyard in time? Carpet stains come in all sizes and severity and no two are equal. But, that’s what we’re here for!

The Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog is ready to equip you will all the info you need to clean ’em up with our own step-by-step process on how to remove carpet stains. No carpet is 100% stain-proof. Your best bet at preventing permanent stains is preventative measures.  Here’s what we recommend: Continue Reading

Best Carpet Cleaning in Kenosha, WI

Chem-Dry Powerhead

Searching for the best Kenosha carpet cleaner? Look no further than Nature’s Way Chem-Dry. Our technicians specialize in low-moisture, green-certified carpet cleaning methods our customers love! Here are some of the many reasons to call Nature’s Way Chem-Dry for all your carpet cleaning needs: Drier. … Continue reading