10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips: Part 2

carpet familyKenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog highly recommends you choose carpet for the flooring in your home or business. There are many benefits to carpet that tile, hardwood and other surfaces can’t provide.

That being said, there are several issues associated with carpet that you will have to address if you have it in your home, some of them are very common and others are more rare and require the assistance of professional carpet cleaners or installers.

In our previous post, we outlined 5 of the most common carpet cleaning issues and we will finish up the Top 10 with 5 more issues you could confront with carpet in your home: Continue Reading

10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips: Part 1

triexta carpetCarpet is an extremely popular choice for flooring in most homes and businesses due to its softness, decorative elements and many other performance benefits compared to smoother surfaces. To ensure you receive all the benefits carpet can offer, you will want to properly maintain and care for your carpet at all times and promptly address common issues that occur with carpet.

Not all carpet cleaning and maintenance concerns spots, spills, stains and dirt. A lot of the deterioration of carpet is due to weight and wear and tear after years of use. Here are some common carpet cleaning issues related to wear and tear and how to avoid and address them in your home or business: Continue Reading

How to Clean Chocolate Stains on Carpet

chocolate carpetHalloween is here! That means ghosts, ghouls, goblins, creepy critters, and of course, lots and lots of candy.

Chocolate candy is one of the most popular treats handed out and enjoyed throughout the Halloween season and with trick or treating in full swing in Kenosha, there is sure to be a few pieces in your home, especially if you have children in your house.

If you or your children get chocolate on the carpet, try not to let it melt. Act fast! Here are some tips for removing chocolate stains from carpet and upholstery: Continue Reading

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning: Nature’s Secret Cleaner

carbonating cleaning bubblesHave you ever spilled a drink on your clothing and used club soda or seltzer water to remove the stain? It works great, doesn’t it? Have you ever wondered why?

Club soda or seltzer water works so well at removing liquid stains and dirt from fabric due to the minerals, low pH levels and, of course, carbonation. The carbonated bubbles within club soda literally help to “lift” the stain out of the fabric and fibers.

The principles of cleaning with carbonation don’t only apply to removing stains from your clothing. You can also remove stains and dirt from carpet using carbonation. Continue Reading

Tips to Remove Grass Stains from Carpet

grass stainSummer in Kenosha is all about being outdoors all day long. Kids play in grass while adults complete yard work and even do some gardening.

But, at some point, you do have to come inside for lunch or bathroom breaks or to go to bed at night, and when you come in the house, odds are you bring some dirt and debris with them, including grass and grass stains.

Grass can be a difficult stain to remove because it acts as a pigment that has the potential to dye the carpet or fabric it comes into contact with. The pigments can form a quick bond with the materials they rub off on; therefore you will want to act even faster to successfully remove grass stains from your carpet. Continue Reading

Healthy Carpet Cleaning Choices

healthy carpet cleaningClean carpet and a healthy home go hand in hand. Carpet traps dirt, dust, germs and a variety of allergens in its fibers and keeps them from floating around in the air you and your family breathes. But, you still don’t want germs and allergens in your home. In order to remove them from your carpet, you will want to choose healthy options that don’t introduce more toxins and allergens in your home.

Therefore, you will want to consider healthy alternatives for vacuuming, spot removal and professional carpet cleaning to ensure your home is at its utmost healthiest at all times. Continue Reading

Tips to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet

pet hair in carpetEveryone loves their pet. Not everyone loves some of the messes a pet can create in your home. Pet urine can be an extremely harmful carpet stain that can even permeate into floor boards and walls. Fortunately, pets can be trained to go to the bathroom outdoors or in their litter box and can drastically reduce pet urine stains over time.

A much more common mess related to pets is pet hair. Depending on the type of dog or cat you own, you might constantly deal with pet hair in your carpet, rugs and furniture due to regular shedding.

While pet hair isn’t as damaging as pet urine, it is much more frequent and is spread out across your entire home, unlike pet urine, which is usually centralized in one spot.

Not to worry. There are several ways you can remove pet hair from your carpet and your home: Continue Reading

Carpet Facts: All You Need to Know About Wool Carpet

wool carpet careBefore making a major purchase, you want to research the product as best you can to make sure you are getting a good deal and that the item is the right model, fit and style for you. This applies to cars, electronics, furniture and even carpet. Carpet can be very costly and it is in some ways the foundation of your home’s décor, therefore you want to make sure you are buying the carpet that is right for you.

Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog is here to help you with your carpet research as we are providing all the facts you need to know about the fibers used for homes and residential purposes, including olefin, polyester, triexta and wool.

There is a chance you have never heard of olefin or triexta carpet before, but you have almost certainly heard of wool. Wool is a versatile fiber used for clothing, blankets and a myriad of purposes, but how does it hold up as a viable carpet choice for your home? Continue Reading

Carpet Facts: All You Need to Know About Polyester Carpet

polyester carpetConsidering the cost of carpet, you want to make sure you choose the fiber that is right for the rooms in your home. In order to help you make an informed decision, we intend to provide all the facts about the carpet fibers most used for residential purposes, including olefin, nylon, wool, triexta and polyester.

There are different pros and cons of each carpet fiber. Some are cheaper than others, some offer more durability and are better for higher traffic areas or entryways whereas others are more for aesthetic purposes and should be installed in bedrooms or living rooms. Polyester is a budget-friendly carpet known for fantastic stain-resistance and bright colors. Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Tip: Blot Spots. Don’t Scrub!

carpet stain cleanWhen it comes to keeping your carpet clean, dirt and spot prevention should be the number one focus, which can be partially achieved by implementing a “no-shoes” rule in your home as well as strategically placing door mats near the front and back door.

However, 100% prevention isn’t possible as dirt and spills are inevitable, after all, you still do have to live in your home and accidents do happen, particularly in homes with pets and children.

When a spill occurs, there is one consistent spot removal step you won’t want to forget: Blot, don’t scrub! Continue Reading