10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips: Part 1

triexta carpetCarpet is an extremely popular choice for flooring in most homes and businesses due to its softness, decorative elements and many other performance benefits compared to smoother surfaces. To ensure you receive all the benefits carpet can offer, you will want to properly maintain and care for your carpet at all times and promptly address common issues that occur with carpet.

Not all carpet cleaning and maintenance concerns spots, spills, stains and dirt. A lot of the deterioration of carpet is due to weight and wear and tear after years of use. Here are some common carpet cleaning issues related to wear and tear and how to avoid and address them in your home or business:


Crushing will occur with almost any type of carpet fiber and it is the result of increased foot traffic and heavy items like sofas, pianos or entertainment centers sitting in the same area of carpet for extended periods of time. Crushing appears in the form of reduced pile thickness.

The effects of crushing can be reduced and avoided if furniture is moved regularly in your home in order to relieve some of the weight in specific areas and change traffic patterns. Crushing can also be delayed by purchasing thicker carpet padding and cushions prior to installation.

Dents and Indentations

Dents and indentations are similar to crushing and occur from heavier furniture pressing into the carpet fibers. Similar to crushing, dents and indentations can be prevented by moving the furniture in your home on a semi regular basis.

You might also want to consider resting your furniture on coasters, Styrofoam or some sort of padding so that all of the weight isn’t pressed directly into the carpet fiber.

Fluffing and Shedding

Fluffing is simply tufts of the carpet fiber that pile up on the surface not too long after installation. Fluffing can be treated with regular vacuuming and should be gone sometime within a year after installation.

Shedding occurs when strands or loops of the carpet rise above the surface but are still attached to the pad. To remove shedding in your carpet, cut the “shred” or string with a scissors. Do not pull on the shred for fear of further damage to the carpet.


Carpet will fade over time due to general wear and tear and if subjected to direct, intense sunlight. If possible, try to prevent too much sunlight from constantly hitting an area of your carpet by using window treatments in your home or rugs and furniture to cover the spot.

Store-bought chemicals and carpet cleaners can also cause fading. Be sure to purchase carpet cleaning materials that are safe for your carpet fiber and hire professionals such as Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Kenosha that use green-certified, drier methods that are not harmful to your carpet or your family.

Filtration Soiling

Filtration soiling occurs in doorways, typically underneath the door or around the floorboards near entryways and high traffic areas in a home. To prevent filtration soiling try to have a lot of airflow throughout your home and use entry mats and rugs when possible.

Regular vacuuming goes a long way to maintaining healthy, beautiful carpet in your home and following these tips should help to curtail some of the common carpet cleaning issues that occur. Once you have used these tips, you will also want to be sure to turn to carpet cleaning professionals.

Carpet should be cleaned professionally once every 12-18 months by a trained, certified technician. Nature’s Way Chem-Dry provides five-star technicians with years of training and experience to handle every type of carpet fiber, stain and issue you are experiencing. Their method has received the Carpet & Rug Institute Platinum Seal of Approval and their solutions can be found on the FDA’s GRAS list for eco-friendly products.

Call Nature’s Way Chem-Dry today at (262) 995-3249 or visit www.natureswaychem-dry.com for more information on their services or to schedule an appointment.

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