The 5 Best Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Tips of 2015

2015 carpet cleaning tips

2015 is coming to an end and it’s almost time to welcome in 2016. But, before we bid farewell to 2015, let’s look back on some of our popular posts and best carpet cleaner tips from this past year:

How Often Should You Clean Your _____?

It’s easier to know when it’s time to clean some household items than others. Obviously dishes and silverware need to be cleaned after each use and your car should be washed when it’s covered in mud, but how often do you clean household items like coffee makers, bed sheets or carpet that aren’t visibly dirty?

You probably use your coffee maker almost every morning and you will want to clean it at least once a month. The process is similar to making a pot of coffee, although instead of coffee grounds and plain water, you’ll use a solution of water and vinegar and then clean the pot in your dishwasher.

Bed sheets should be cleaned once a week and it’s as simple as putting them in your washer and drier, while a vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned or at least maintained prior to each use. Pay particular attention to the bag or filter and the brushes so that older dirt isn’t being spread out across your home. Continue reading

10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips: Part 2

carpet familyKenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog highly recommends you choose carpet for the flooring in your home or business. There are many benefits to carpet that tile, hardwood and other surfaces can’t provide.

That being said, there are several issues associated with carpet that you will have to address if you have it in your home, some of them are very common and others are more rare and require the assistance of professional carpet cleaners or installers.

In our previous post, we outlined 5 of the most common carpet cleaning issues and we will finish up the Top 10 with 5 more issues you could confront with carpet in your home: Continue Reading

10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips: Part 1

triexta carpetCarpet is an extremely popular choice for flooring in most homes and businesses due to its softness, decorative elements and many other performance benefits compared to smoother surfaces. To ensure you receive all the benefits carpet can offer, you will want to properly maintain and care for your carpet at all times and promptly address common issues that occur with carpet.

Not all carpet cleaning and maintenance concerns spots, spills, stains and dirt. A lot of the deterioration of carpet is due to weight and wear and tear after years of use. Here are some common carpet cleaning issues related to wear and tear and how to avoid and address them in your home or business: Continue Reading

How to Clean “Traffic Lane Gray” Stains on Carpet

carpet benefitsSpills and stains usually get the spotlight on Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog but nothing dirties a rug or carpet more than time.

After a long enough period of time, even the most durable of carpet fibers succumbs to the general wear and tear of years of use, especially the “traffic areas” throughout your home.

Traffic areas are the areas of in a home that get walked on the most. Obvious traffic areas include hallways and stairs and the areas just in front of furniture. Over time, a gray hue starts to appear in those areas due to the carpet becoming worn from the traffic.

This effect is known as “Traffic Lane Gray” and can become unsightly if left ignored.

If you want to avoid “Traffic Lane Gray” throughout your home, there are a few things you can do to help prevent it on your carpet: Continue Reading

Fast Carpet Drying Tips

wet carpetThere are many reasons why it is bad for your carpet to be wet. Water can permanently damage the quality of your carpet and sopping wet carpet can be the breeding ground for mold that is harmful to both your home and your health.

If a leak or water damage occurs in your home, you will want to dry the impacted carpet as quickly as possible. It usually takes 48 hours or more before any significant damage occurs. Once 48 hours has elapsed, you run the risk of several major issues, including possible deterioration of your homes floor boards and foundation. Continue Reading