The 5 Best Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Tips of 2015

2015 carpet cleaning tips

2015 is coming to an end and it’s almost time to welcome in 2016. But, before we bid farewell to 2015, let’s look back on some of our popular posts and best carpet cleaner tips from this past year:

How Often Should You Clean Your _____?

It’s easier to know when it’s time to clean some household items than others. Obviously dishes and silverware need to be cleaned after each use and your car should be washed when it’s covered in mud, but how often do you clean household items like coffee makers, bed sheets or carpet that aren’t visibly dirty?

You probably use your coffee maker almost every morning and you will want to clean it at least once a month. The process is similar to making a pot of coffee, although instead of coffee grounds and plain water, you’ll use a solution of water and vinegar and then clean the pot in your dishwasher.

Bed sheets should be cleaned once a week and it’s as simple as putting them in your washer and drier, while a vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned or at least maintained prior to each use. Pay particular attention to the bag or filter and the brushes so that older dirt isn’t being spread out across your home.

You should have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once every 9-12 months even if it isn’t stained or visibly dirty. Over time, dirt becomes embedded deep within carpet fibers and that dirt, while not visible to the eye, can be far more harmful to carpet and cause permanent wear to the carpet fibers.

When it’s time to schedule your annual Kenosha carpet cleaning service, call Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington. Nature’s Way Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than traditional carpet shampooers and no soap or harsh chemicals.

Store-Bought Chemicals

Avoid using store-bought cleaning products on carpet whenever possible. There are countless DIY alternatives and common household solutions that work just as good, if not better, that don’t pose the same risk of damaging your carpet or potentially putting your health in danger.

Store-bought chemicals can cause color loss in carpet if used incorrectly. Store-bought cleaning products also often contain soap, which is not an ideal cleaning agent for carpet since it requires excessive amounts of water to be rinsed out of the surface and too much water can saturate and damage carpet.

Instead of retail cleaning products, use baking soda, white vinegar, salt and other common household items that you can probably find throughout your home. If you don’t have success with those solutions, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to treat your carpet stains.

Deep Vacuum

Vacuuming is the number one most important thing to maintain the beauty and quality of your carpet. You will want to routinely vacuum multiple times a week.

However, sometimes you will want to take it one step further and “deep vacuum.” Deep vacuuming is the process of going over an area of carpet four to 10 times instead of just once, using all the vacuum cleaner attachments to thoroughly vacuum corners and hard to reach areas and even moving furniture such as sofas or coffee tables around so that no inch of carpet is left unattended to. Deep vacuuming would also include using a carpet rake (see below) if possible.

How to Remove Cat Litter From Carpet

Cat owners know all to well that kitty litter can be spread across there home and is not always easy to clean up. It’s also important to clean cat litter from carpet quickly since it like is saturated in urine which can be potentially harmful to carpet fibers.

To remove cat litter from carpet, first vacuum over it seven to 10 times or so in an attempt to get the majority of it off of the surface of the carpet. Then, create a solution of white vinegar and water and blot the area in order to absorb any cat litter that might have become embedded within the carpet.

If the smell of cat urine remains after you have finished cleaning the area, you will want to consider hiring a Kenosha carpet cleaner. Pet urine left in carpet can be corrosive and if the smell emanates your cat might feel comfortable to continue using that area of carpet as their new litter box.

Carpet Rakes

We definitely recommend purchasing a carpet rake for your home. Carpet rakes should be used prior to vacuuming in order to bring embedded dirt to the surface of your carpet. You should also use the carpet rake directly after vacuuming to pull up the matted carpet fibers and create a fresh, clean look.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even create patterns in your carpet using the carpet rake that will truly make it stand out.

Carpet Cleaning Kenosha

These tips, in combination with hiring a carpet cleaning company in Kenosha once a year, will lead to drier, cleaner and healthier carpet in your home.

To schedule a carpet cleaning appointment with Nature’s Way Chem-Dry, call (262) 995-3249 or visit for more information on our services.

That wraps up 2015 for Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog. Be sure to come back and visit the blog in 2016 for more tips, recommendations and information on carpet cleaning and care.

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