The Benefits of Using a Carpet Rake

carpet rakeCared for carpet is known to last longer and retain its beauty for many years. There are many ways you can maintain the quality of your carpet through cleaning it regularly, including vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning at least once every 12-18 months.

Another tool that can be used to help maintain your carpet’s performance and look is a carpet rake. That’s right, rakes aren’t just for leaves in the summer and a rake for carpet can truly make your floor look wonderful.

Rakes for carpets can be purchased on various sites online or you can order a carpet rake directly through Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington. Chem-Dry sells a variety of household cleaning products for hardwood floors, tile and carpet, including a professional model carpet rake just like the ones their technicians use when deep cleaning your carpet. Call (262) 995-3249 to inquire on prices and availability.

Carpet rakes are very easy to use and offer many benefits you will see almost instantly. It’s recommended that you use a carpet rake just prior to vacuuming. Doing so will loosen all the debris and dirt and contaminants caught in the fibers and bring them to the surface.  This way your vacuum cleaner is much more likely to remove all the debris from the floor. It’s important to keep your carpet clear of debris as it’s known to wear down the fibers and worn fibers are almost impossible to restore over time.

You can also rake your carpet directly after vacuuming in order to pull up the matted carpet and give your floors a more fresh and new appearance. If you are feeling creative, you can even rake the carpet to create various patterns throughout the floor for a truly unique look in your home.

As part of their deep cleaning service, Nature’s Way Chem-Dry rakes all of the carpet they clean at the end of your appointment in order to leave it looking fresh for you. The carpet dries shortly after , typically in 1-2 hours, and is cleaned using green-certified, natural solutions as well as methods recognized by The Carpet & Rug Institute with their Platinum Seal of Approval.

To schedule an appointment with Nature’s Way Chem-Dry, visit today! Don’t forget to check out the many specials currently available on the site and to save up to $50 off your next cleaning service. Nature’s Way Chem-Dry serves Kenosha, Racine, Green Lake, Burlington and surrounding WI counties.

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