The Truth About Carpet Steam Cleaners

chemdry vs steam cleanersThere are many options for carpet cleaning in Kenosha, including steam cleaning.

It’s something that someone can do on their own at home by renting a carpet shampooer or can pay to hire a professional steam cleaner.

Did you know that the steam cleaning process doesn’t actually involve steam at all? Instead an excessive amount of hot water and soap being poured directly into your carpet. Continue Reading

Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

red wine spot removalWisconsin loves wine. It’s the perfect complement to a relaxing evening at home, or perhaps a dinner party or family event you are hosting.

Wine can enhance the enjoyment of a party for you and your guests, but it can also stop the fun pretty quick if you or a guest spills it anywhere on your rug or carpet.

But, it will be OK! Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog can help. Just remember these easy stain removal tips that only require items available in most homes and you can remove the red wine stain before it becomes a permanent part of your carpet. Continue Reading Continue Reading

The Best Vacuuming Methods

best vacuumThe Importance of Vacuuming

Professional carpet cleaners in Kenosha will tell you that one of the most important steps in their process is the first step: vacuuming. The best carpet cleaning services will always include proper, thorough vacuuming as a part of their basic deep cleaning package.

Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington vacuums every nook and cranny of carpet in your home prior to cleaning it and their technicians are diligent about removing any loose lint, dirt or waste they find in their initial walkthrough. Visit their website for more information on their total service package. Continue Reading

How to Remove Christmas Tree Sap from Carpet

Christmas Tree Sap on CarpetOne of the most celebrated holiday traditions is setting up a beautiful real Christmas tree in your home. Christmas trees are decked out with twinkling lights, shiny ornaments and tinsel and glitter that spread cheer throughout your decor.

But real Christmas trees aren’t only filled with sparkle and shine. Real trees are also filled and covered with sap. Sap can be extremely sticky and something you don’t want on your carpet at all throughout the holiday season.

If sap does find its way on your carpet this holiday season, Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog has the helpful tip you need to remove it with ease and keep your holidays clean: Continue Reading Continue Reading

Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

Holiday GuestsWinter is here. It’s not all cold, snow and blustery winds, though. That’s right, with winter comes the joy of the holidays.

Holidays are a wonderful time of year filled with good food, laughter, friends and family. But, unfortunately, those visitors don’t just bring their suitcases and smiles with them; they also bring dirt, spills, clutter and clean-up.

Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog is here to help you with some carpet cleaning tips to limit the mess and the stress this holiday season. Here’s how to enjoy a happier, healthier and cleaner home this holiday season: Continue Reading

Step-by-Step Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Carpet Stain CleanOh no! Juice or soda spill? Did your toddler create their latest crayon masterpiece on your living room floor? Doggy didn’t make it out to the backyard in time? Carpet stains come in all sizes and severity and no two are equal. But, that’s what we’re here for!

The Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog is ready to equip you will all the info you need to clean ’em up with our own step-by-step process on how to remove carpet stains. No carpet is 100% stain-proof. Your best bet at preventing permanent stains is preventative measures.  Here’s what we recommend: Continue Reading

Best Carpet Cleaning in Kenosha, WI

Chem-Dry Powerhead

Searching for the best Kenosha carpet cleaner? Look no further than Nature’s Way Chem-Dry. Our technicians specialize in low-moisture, green-certified carpet cleaning methods our customers love! Here are some of the many reasons to call Nature’s Way Chem-Dry for all your carpet cleaning needs: Drier. … Continue reading