Why You Should Deep Vacuum Your Carpet

deep vacuumingIf you’ve visited Kenosha Carpet Cleaning Blog before you know how much and how often we stress the importance of routine vacuuming. If you haven’t visited before, vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis is the most important element of caring for your carpet investment.

We recommend vacuuming heavier traffic areas once a day and the entire home at least twice per week. Homes with pets should also have their carpets vacuumed once a day or multiple times per week.

Routing vacuuming will remove surface level dirt and help maintain the plush feel and bright colors of your carpet, however, over time, the quality will deteriorate unless you go even further with your vacuuming and carpet cleaning routine. Continue Reading

The Best Vacuuming Methods

best vacuumThe Importance of Vacuuming

Professional carpet cleaners in Kenosha will tell you that one of the most important steps in their process is the first step: vacuuming. The best carpet cleaning services will always include proper, thorough vacuuming as a part of their basic deep cleaning package.

Nature’s Way Chem-Dry in Burlington vacuums every nook and cranny of carpet in your home prior to cleaning it and their technicians are diligent about removing any loose lint, dirt or waste they find in their initial walkthrough. Visit their website for more information on their total service package. Continue Reading