Tips To Remove Odor From Carpet

If your home has clean carpeting, it will perform better, look better, and even provide a healthier environment for your family.

Another benefit of clean carpet is that it rarely smells like dirty carpet; with deodorizers and other scented cleaning products, clean carpet usually smells quite fresh.


It is possible to remove odors from carpets, even those with strong odors, such as pet urine.


Pet urine is perhaps one of the most difficult odors in the house to remove. Most odors can be removed with a few simple methods you can do yourself.


Open Windows

Sounds easy enough, right? Open your home’s windows when the weather allows and run ceiling/floor fans if possible. Bringing fresh air in from outside will help remove musty smells and odors from your dirty carpet, and the fan will circulate the air throughout your home.



Vacuuming carpets is the most important thing you can do to extend the lifetime; heavier traffic areas should be vacuumed as frequently as possible, if possible. Vacuuming carpets minimizes dirt and debris build-up; eliminating odors and other contaminants.



In addition to several carpet deodorizers available for purchase, you can also make your home smelling fresh by using natural cleaning products. If you are looking for 100% natural cleaning products and solutions, your best option is to call Kenosha Carpet Cleaning at 262-218-2411. We offer a full line of green-certified carpet cleaners and deodorizers, delivering them directly to your home or to your next cleaning appointment.


Professional Carpet Cleaning

There is no substitute for a professional carpet cleaner on a regular basis. The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends having your carpets cleaned by a professional once every 12-18 months in order to maintain your carpet’s quality and help eliminate and prevent any odor that might be building over time.


Kenosha Carpet Cleaning technicians have extensive knowledge of each fiber type in the carpet and are trained to remove almost any carpet stain you can imagine, including pet urine, wine, markers, make-up, etc.

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